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    General Information

    When is Easy Crypto open?

    We're open 24 hours a day, every day of the year!

    • New Zealand (NZ): Support hours are 8 am to 8 pm, Monday to Sunday.
    • Australia (AU): Support hours are 9 am to 7 pm Monday to Friday.
    • South Africa (ZA): Support hours are 8 am to 8 pm Monday to Friday.

    We'll do our best to reply as soon as we can.

    How can I deposit into my Easy Crypto account?

    We are a non-custodial exchange, which means that we don’t store any customer funds. There is no address for you to send crypto to, nor is there a place to store your fiat currency.

    Easy Crypto is a platform that allows you to buy and sell your crypto while you stay in control of your funds with your own wallet.

    What is your phone number?

    We don’t take calls, we only provide support by email. This means we can get a response to you quickly and we can send you articles and links to guides easily.

    Do you have a mobile app?

    We sure do! Just follow these steps in this guide to install our app.

    Do you have a referral program?

    Yes, we do. You’ll find your unique referral code on your My Account page. Send it to your friends and family and you will earn 10% of everything we make from their purchases for their first year.

    To learn more about the referral program, click here.

    Is Easy Crypto an exchange?

    Easy Crypto is primarily a retailer/broker rather than a crypto exchange. We do things a little differently to look after our customers.

    Exchanges hold onto a customer’s funds, where instead we simply offer a way to buy and sell crypto, without any risk. Some crypto exchanges can be complicated and difficult to navigate for new users.

    Easy Crypto’s rates are inclusive of all costs, whereas rates on an exchange won’t include network fees, overseas credit card fees, and currency conversions. With us, what you see is what you get.

    What coins do you offer?

    We trade up to 140+ cryptocurrencies and you can see a full list of them here. We add new coins to the site all the time, so keep your eyes peeled!

    Can you list a new crypto?

    Absolutely! If a cryptocurrency isn’t listed already, just head to this page to add your vote for it. We’re constantly adding top-voted coins to the site.

    Can I trust Easy Crypto?

    Yes, definitely. We are a New Zealand-based company, and are fully compliant with all local regulations.

    NZ: This includes being a registered financial services provider ( FSP691871) and a member of an independent dispute resolution scheme.

    AU: We are an AUSTRAC registered DCE based in Australia.

    ACN: 624780409

    ABN: 17624780409

    Digital Currency Registration with AUSTRAC: DCE100581366-001

    ZA: Registration number : 1995/051551/23

    All countries have a 100% funds safety guarantee, so there isn’t any risk of us losing your funds.

    You can read some reviews from our customers here.

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    About Buy Orders

    How can I buy crypto?

    Easy as! You can complete an order in just a few minutes. This article will explain and walk you through the entire buying process, but it’s super easy, super fast and you’ll be buying at competitive market rates.

    If you’d prefer a video guide, click here.

    If there are any issues with your orders, notify us within 10 working days and we'll gladly assist with your inquiries. Our team at Easy Crypto is always here to help you.

    How long will my order take?

    NZ/ AU: The speed of your transaction will typically come down to how congested the network is, as we send the crypto to you the second the funds reach our account.

    When using POLi or Account2Account, in most cases, we send the payment instantly. For manual bank deposit payments, your order will be sent once the payment clears from the bank.

    ZA: Your rates are locked immediately when using OZOW or SiD EFT, but we send your order as soon as your funds arrive in our account. This can take from 2 minutes to 2 days depending on the banking system. For the fastest payment use bank transfer and select an “immediate payment” which usually takes 1-2 hours for the funds to arrive.

    Notify us within 10 working days if you are experiencing any issues and our team will gladly resolve your inquiries.

    Where can I send the crypto?

    We can deliver to any crypto address in the world. This includes exchanges, hardware, and software wallets. If you sent the crypto to the incorrect address, we cannot recover the funds for you.

    Can I place a limit order?

    No. A limit order would require us to hold our customer’s funds. However, we are exploring a solution that would allow for this in the future.

    How can I cancel a buy order?

    You can cancel a buy order by clicking the Cancel button from your Orders page. When you cancel an order, your deposit will not be automatically refunded. You will have to reach out to the help desk to request a refund minus any service fee. To contact the help desk, click here.

    Can I buy or send crypto on different networks?

    Yes, you can buy or send crypto on different networks from us by using the enable all networks feature. To learn more about how to turn this setting on, click here. Please note however that we currently only accept sell orders on the default network.

    Easy Crypto does not take responsibility if the funds are sent on the incorrect network. If you’re unsure, please contact us first as this is an advanced feature.

    How can I set up an auto-buy order?

    If you’ve heard of dollar-cost averaging before, this is a way to make regular automatic purchases over time. Set and forget, we’ll handle the rest for you.

    If you want to buy a certain amount every so often, this is the solution for you. To learn more about setting this up, click here.

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    About Sell Orders

    How can I sell crypto?

    Creating a sell order with us is super easy, will take you about 2 minutes, and for most banks, you’ll have the money in your account the same business day. We do not offer sell orders in ZA.

    Click here for a written guide, or click here for a video guide.

    Notify us within 10 working days if you are experiencing any issues and our team will gladly resolve your inquiries.

    Which network can I use for sell orders?

    Currently we only offer sell orders for one network per coin/token, and this is the default network we send on. So while you can buy MATIC on the BSC, ETH, and MATIC networks, you can sell it only on the MATIC network as that is the default network for buy orders.

    If you have any questions about this, please reach out to the Help Desk for assistance as using the wrong network can lead to lost funds.

    How long does it take for me to get the money?

    You can expect to receive the payment within the same day. We process payments in batches periodically throughout the day.

    If you placed an order on a Friday afternoon, over the weekend, on a public holiday, or the crypto hits us late in the day, you probably won’t see the funds until the next business day. While crypto is 24/7, banks are not.

    In Australia, if your bank is OSKO enabled, you should receive your payout in under one business day.

    Please contact the helpdesk within 10 working days if you experience any issues and we’ll happily resolve your inquiries.

    My sell order is unpaid, what does this mean?

    Don’t worry, this happens all the time. There are a few things that might have gone wrong here, but we should be able to help you with this.

    Have a read of this article and then please contact the helpdesk and we’ll get this sorted for you.

    If there are any issues with your orders, notify us within 10 working days and we’ll gladly assist with your inquiries.

    How can I cancel a sell order?

    You can’t. Blockchain transactions are immutable, so if you send us the crypto your order will still process.

    If you made a mistake and would like to edit your sell order, you can just simply create a new one. Your sell order will cancel after 36 hours and will clear from your order history after 72 hours.

    Which network should I use?

    This is an important one to get right. Have a read of this article and if you’re still unsure, please contact the helpdesk.

    Easy Crypto does not take responsibility if the funds are sent on the incorrect network. If you’re unsure, please contact us first.

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    Easy Crypto Fees/Rates

    How much does Easy Crypto charge?

    • NZ: We make 0.9% on each transaction, or even less depending on your discount tier.

    However, we can’t specify the exact fee on each transaction, and we also can’t provide itemised fee costs for our charges. Why not? Click here for more information.

    • AU: The transaction fees and service charges can be found here.
    • ZA: The transaction fees and service charges can be found here.

    If you only charge x%, why is your price higher than elsewhere?

    There are two reasons for this, the first is the spread between the buy and sell prices, and the second is the spot price. There’s quite a bit to this, but this article will answer the question in depth.

    How do you calculate your rates?

    The rate you are quoted is inclusive of all fees. This means all currency exchange fees, all mining fees, all gas prices, and all withdrawal fees - everything!

    Rates displayed here are the price per 1 coin or $2000. For an exact quote, simply click the Buy button and fill in an amount.

    What are network fees?

    The network fee is included in the quoted price. Network fees aren’t charged by Easy Crypto, but instead are a fee to use the network that the cryptocurrency operates on.

    This network fee is paid to cryptocurrency miners, which are the systems that process the transactions on the network.

    For more information on this, click here.

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    What are my buy limits?

    The total amount of crypto you can buy is based on your account level. If you want an easy interface that displays your remaining buy limits, you can find this on your Limits page.

    What are my sell limits?

    We don’t have daily limits on sell orders. Anything you’ve bought from us, you can sell at any time, no matter what the current value is.

    If the cryptocurrency wasn’t purchased through us, you will need to provide evidence of where it came from before you can sell more than $30,000NZD or $25,000 AUD through us.

    You can view your sell limits from your Limits page.

    How do limits work?

    Our limits can seem a little confusing, but they really aren’t! To find out exactly how these work, including your total, daily, sell, and per-transaction limits, just click here.

    How can I increase my limits?

    Easy as. Applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis and we can’t guarantee what will be accepted and what won’t. Click on this article to find the types of documents that we require.

    Once you have all the information we need, you can upload your documents here.

    What is your maximum order size?

    The maximum buy order is different for each crypto, as some coins are more prone to slippage than others.
    There is a $500,000 maximum for each sell order. If you have more than this to sell, you can just create multiple orders.

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    Which payment methods do you offer?

    NZ: We offer three different payment methods. Account2Account and POLi are instant payment methods, where paying by bank deposit will take longer to complete.

    Account2Account and the bank deposit options are both free, but POLi will charge a 1% transaction fee to a maximum of $3.

    AU: POLi - Instant bank deposit - free

    OSKO - Near instant deposit - free

    A2A - Instant bank deposit - free

    Bank Deposit - Regular bank deposit time frames - free

    Moonpay - Debit/Credit card option (coming soon) -

    ZA: OZOW - Fastest option - instant to 2 days depending on banking transaction times.

    SiD EFT - 1-2 days

    Bank transfer - 1 - 2 days - unless you opt for an “immediate payment” then usually 1-2 hours - but completely dependent on the banking system.

    Moonpay - Debit/Credit card option with orders delivered usually within 1 hour.

    Are POLi and Account2Account safe?

    Yes. POLi and Account2Account are very safe. Both have been around for decades and have never had any security breaches.

    Both providers have been audited profusely and we trust the systems that they use. It’s up to you if you want to use these payment services, alternatively, you can use the manual bank deposit method instead.

    Can I pay from a company or trust account?

    We can accept payments from a company account, but you’ll need to go through our company onboarding process first. You can read more about this for NZ here. If you’re in AU here. If you are in South Africa please message our helpdesk for the company onboarding form.

    We cannot accept payments from trust accounts in New Zealand. If you have funds in a trust, simply transfer the funds over to a personal account before sending us the payment. If you want to onboard and pay from a trust in Australia, the requirements are here.

    Can I pay with a credit or debit card?

    In NZ, we unfortunately can’t find any providers that will let us onboard with them. The instant we find a reliable payment processor, we will put the option on the site.

    Credit/debit cards are currently only available in South Africa (and coming soon to AU).

    Do you offer OTC (over the counter) trades?

    • NZ: If you’re looking to trade well into the 6 figures for any given transaction, we may be able to offer you better rates than just going through the site. Contact the helpdesk and we can get this sorted for you.


    • AU: Yes, we offer OTC services for purchases $20k AUD and above. This includes SMSF accounts.


    • ZA: Yes, If you are looking to buy over R1m (or sell, as our sell feature is currently in development) we will get this sorted for via OTC trade. Contact the helpdesk with your requests.

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    How can I verify my account?

    Easy as pie! Just follow the steps in this article and you’ll be trading crypto in no time.

    What documentation do I need to verify?

    • NZ: You’ll need a passport or a New Zealand driver's license.

    If you don’t have either of those, click here for some other options.


    • AU: You’ll need an Australian/NZ Passport or driver’s license. We also accept NZ-based customers with Australian bank accounts.


    • ZA: You’ll need a South African passport, ID card or Green ID book. We can also manually verify ZA driver's licenses.


    If you don’t have the required documentation listed above, click here for some other options.

    How long does it take to verify my account?

    It depends on which option you choose. For automatic verifications, it can take just a few minutes. For manual verifications and limit upgrades, your documents need to be reviewed by a member of the team.

    What do you do with my information?

    Privacy is really important to us. We’re committed to protecting your privacy in accordance with the law, and more generally to make sure that we are doing the right thing by you.

    Information that is given to us during the verification process is considered highly confidential. You can rest easy knowing that it is in our best interest to safeguard our user information.

    If you want to get into the nitty-gritty details, you can view our full privacy policy here.

    Why are you so strict?

    We have to be incredibly strict. Not only does the law require us to have such tight KYC practices, but it’s also in the best interest of our customers and their safety.

    This article will help explain the reasons why in further detail.

    How old do I need to be?

    You’ll need to be 18 to go through our standard verification process. If you’re under 18 and you’d like to create an account, just contact the helpdesk and we can sort this out for you.

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    Do I need a wallet?

    Yes, you do. Easy Crypto doesn’t store your funds for you, so this is where your wallet comes in. You can use our platform to buy and sell crypto while you stay in control of your own funds.

    To find out more about wallets, click here.

    Which wallet should I use?

    Wallets come in all shapes and sizes. There is a range of options to choose from, and this article sets out the main types and their pros and cons.

    Choose the option that works best for you. With any wallet set up, it’s very important to keep your funds secure, click here for some advice on how to keep your funds safe.

    Does Easy Crypto have a wallet?

    We used to issue a cold wallet but this service was discontinued in early 2020. We don’t issue new EC wallets for customers, but we still offer service for this product. If you have any troubles with this wallet, please contact the helpdesk.

    What is my address?

    A cryptocurrency address is the public key to your crypto wallet. Think of it as your bank account number. Each wallet will have a unique address and you can give this to anyone as you’ll use this to receive your crypto.

    You can read more about addresses and how they work here.

    How can I create a wallet?

    Easy as. Just follow the steps in this guide and make sure that you visit the genuine wallet site when you download their software.

    If you need any advice on setting up a specific wallet, just get in touch.

    Do you sell hardware wallets?

    We sure do! We are authorised resellers of Ledger and Trezor wallets. We dispatch them every few days from Hamilton and they generally take 1 - 2 business days to arrive.

    You can find our NZ hardware wallet shop here. AU and ZA shops are coming soon!

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    Can I connect a wallet to my tracker?

    The portfolio tracker isn’t connected to any wallet, nor do we store your funds or have access to them. The tracker is a tool designed to track your entire net worth.

    Whether your coins are in your cold wallet, in your hot wallet, or on an exchange, it doesn’t matter. You still own that crypto and the portfolio can track all the crypto that you own.

    How can I add an external trade to the tracker?

    To add previous trades or external transactions to your tracker, simply head to the bottom right of the tracker page and click Add trade.

    From there you can select the coin, the date you purchased it, and finally the value of it in your local currency. This is needed to accurately calculate your returns.

    For more information on this, click here.

    How can I add external trades to the tracker?

    Easy as! Just follow the steps in this guide to fix up your tracker.

    How can I remove a coin from the tracker?

    To remove a coin from your tracker, all you need to do is add a sell trade for the amount you have of that crypto and you’re good to go.

    To read more information on this, click here.

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    My account

    How can I close my account?

    Awwww no! Please contact the helpdesk and we’ll happily sort this for you.

    I forgot my password, what can I do?

    It happens to the best of us! Just follow the steps in this article to change your account password.

    Do I have to pay tax?

    NZ: Yes, but only if you have sold or swapped crypto. If you have sold or swapped at a profit, you may have tax owing. If you have sold or swapped at a loss, then you may be eligible for a tax refund from the IRD.

    You can get an estimate of your tax obligation by looking at your tracker.

    To learn more about how the tax on crypto works in New Zealand, click here.

    AU: Click here for the ATO guide.

    ZA: While cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are not a currency for purposes of South African income tax, they are regarded as an asset for income tax purposes or trading stock – therefore depending on the facts and circumstances of an individual case, capital gains tax or normal tax may apply. We suggest you discuss this with your accountant who will better understand your tax situation.

    You can get an estimate of your tax obligation by looking at your tracker.

    Why am I not receiving my 2FA code?

    Your 2FA code will be set up in an app like Google Authenticator, Authy or something similar. Your code will not come to you as a text.

    If you don’t have access to the original device, we will need to turn your 2FA off for you. We do not offer 2FA in South Africa and Australia.

    How can I turn off my 2-factor authentication?

    We can turn your 2FA off for you. To do this you will need to contact the helpdesk.

    We take security seriously, so we’ll run through a few security questions to confirm that it is indeed you making this request.

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