Finally, a crypto wallet that's easy to use

Your local gateway to Bitcoin, Ethereum and beyond in a simple and safe mobile wallet that puts you in control.

Think of it as a safe home for your digital assets.

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Easy Crypto Wallet Multi-chain transactions

One easy wallet for all of your crypto

You won't need 4 different crypto wallets to manage your coins and tokens.

The Easy Crypto Wallet is a user-controlled mobile wallet designed to support and manage multiple cryptocurrencies on different blockchain networks.

Buy, sell and swap 50+ popular cryptocurrencies all in one simple app. And many more will be added ongoing.

Manage your digital assets your way

Managing your crypto has never been easier!

The Easy Crypto Wallet introduces the option of creating multiple Wallets that hold multiple "Accounts". This feature allows you to create different addresses for each crypto so that you can easily organise and manage them - just like your banking app.

Improve your on-chain security and privacy.

Easy Crypto multi addresses
Secure & recoverable wallet

A wallet that puts you in control

Truly the best of both worlds.

This is a self-custody mobile wallet which means that you have control over your own coins and are responsible for keeping them safe.

The Easy Crypto Wallet helps by offering the latest security and recovery features so that you can regain access if you forget your login or lose your phone. Think of it as a safety net.

Learn more about our security technology like MPC and the range of back up and recovery options like Social Recovery and Encrypted Cloud Backup.

Simplifying your crypto experience

Making crypto easy is at the heart of everything we do.

That's why we created the Easy Crypto Wallet - our locally designed, ultra-secure mobile wallet that simplifies crypto for everyone.

Think of it as a safe home for your digital assets.

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A simple and safe wallet that you control

We put the trust and control in your hands with self-custody, allowing you to hold your own coins

Easy Crypto Wallet

  • Simple & seamless user interface
  • Multi blockchain transactions
  • No long seedphrases to safeguard
  • Self custody with multiple backup and recovery options
  • Secure with multi-factor authentication
  • Instantly convert your crypto assets to your local currency

Other Wallets

  • Too complicated for regular people
  • Different wallets needed for different cryptos
  • Lose your seedphrase, lose your crypto forever
  • Trusting a Third Party to hold and keep your digital assets safe
  • Basic security relying on remembering passwords
  • Complex and unreliable crypto to local currency conversions
Self-custody crypto wallet

Trusted by 100K+ Customers

Don’t just take our word for it, see why Kiwis trust Easy Crypto:


“Like many others, the world of crypto can be daunting and establishing trust is imperative. Having a local company that responds quickly to your…..sometimes silly questions ? really puts me at ease to place my money with Easy Crypto”


“Super happy with my dealings with EasyCrypto - it’s all in the name, they really do make it much easier to buy/sell crypto in NZ. I’ve previously been burned with peer-to-peer purchases via LocalBitcoin, it’s nice to have an NZ company to deal with and their UX is top-notch as well. Love it!”


“Yeah, I’m well impressed. This is by far my favourite way of getting fiat into crypto. Recent additions of POLI and being able to elect a wallet address, have just made this service incredible. Keep up the great work!”

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