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Auckland Bitcoin Guide – How to Buy and Exchange Bitcoin to NZD

Learn the simple process of buying and exchanging Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in New Zealand.

Posted April 26, 2021

Illustration of a giant bitcoin looming over Auckland New Zealand.
Illustration of a giant bitcoin looming over Auckland New Zealand.

There is a common misconception that buying Bitcoin in New Zealand is difficult. However, buying Bitcoin and exchanging Bitcoin to NZD is easier than you might think – this is especially true in Auckland, New Zealand.

Arguably, buying Bitcoin is safest and quickest through an online exchange like Easy Crypto. However, for the sake of this guide, we’ll be discussing alternative methods for Kiwis to buy Bitcoin in Auckland.

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Image of the city of Auckland, New Zealand.

Buying Bitcoin in Person in Auckland

There are currently two peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchanges serving Auckland residents exist. Namely, Local Bitcoins and Paxful.

Local Bitcoins and Paxful both allow Kiwis to arrange to meet individuals selling Bitcoin face to face. Users simply search for a vendor in their area, then arrange a meeting time.

Unfortunately, meeting people in person to buy or sell Bitcoin is both expensive and high-risk.

  • Scams are commonplace, especially when selling Bitcoin.
  • Meeting a stranger from the Internet can lead to a personal safety hazard.
  • Buying Bitcoin from peer-to-peer exchanges requires Kiwis to pay up to 10% to 20% premiums on coin prices.

Because of high-risk and high prices, using peer-to-peer exchanges is only a viable option for so-called underbanked Kiwis. Nevertheless, it is still an option.

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Bitcoin ATMs in Auckland

Bitcoin ATMs are also another option for those who prefer an in-person transaction. You can use this site to check for ATM locations in Auckland, as well as New Zealand in general. Keep in mind Bitcoin ATMs do charge an additional premium on top of the coin price itself for using the service.

UPDATE: As of April 26th, 2021, Bitcoin ATMs in Auckland have ceased operation.

Buy and exchange Bitcoin to NZD at Easy Crypto

As we prefaced above, the safest and easiest method for Kiwis to buy Bitcoin in Auckland – anywhere in New Zealand – is through an online exchange like Easy Crypto.

All you need is an internet connection and you’ll be on your way to buy bitcoins or any of the 100+ cryptocurrencies that we support on our platform.

  • By being a homegrown Bitcoin exchange, Easy Crypto offer the best broker prices when buying Bitcoin and other digital assets.
  • It is possible for Kiwis to buy and sell Bitcoin in under 2-minutes after creating an account and verifying their identity.
  • All Kiwis can verify their identity in under 2-minutes when using an NZ issue driving license to do so.
Screenshot of Easy Crypto New Zealand homepage.

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Benefits of buying Bitcoin with Easy Crypto

High-fees and account verification problems are commonplace on international exchanges like Coinbase. By comparison, Easy Crypto allows Kiwis to buy Bitcoin at today’s market prices.

Kiwis with verified Easy Crypto accounts can also exchange up to $10,000 Bitcoin to NZD in a single order. This makes it easy for Kiwis to cash out Bitcoin and hundreds of other digital assets, quickly and easily.

Screenshot of how to buy bitcoin in New Zealand page from Easy Crypto.

Easy Crypto is NZ-based, offers the best local buying rates, and delivers coins in 2-minutes or less. To get started buying Bitcoin or to exchange Bitcoin to NZD.

Money is changing, make sure you adapt by diversifying your assets with Easy Crypto!

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Last updated December 13, 2021

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