High Value Trading Desk & OTC Trading

Safe, rapid and easy access to large trading volumes in New Zealand at low fees. At Easy Crypto, we have the deep liquidity and expertise required to complete high value trades, whilst keeping the simplicity we are known for. Typically, high value trading can be accessed for orders over $250,000 NZD.

Our service has been built with simplicity and security in mind plus essentially a personal touch to ensure you are in control throughout the whole process. You can trade all of our 160+ coins through the OTC desk. If we don’t offer the coin you are looking for just ask us, we will look into that coin to see if we can process it for you.

What is the OTC Desk?

High value trading can also be called OTC, or Over The Counter Trading. This is different from regular exchange trading. OTC works directly with you to negotiate a transfer of fiat/crypto between us. This allows more flexibility within the trade, in both volume and price.

If the trade happens within Banking hours we can settle the cash that day. Finally, OTC trading is done one-on-one with a member of Easy Crypto, so you are stepped through the process from start to finish, with priority service and 1 on 1 support for you.

What is Over Counter Trading

What is Over The Counter Trading (OTC)?

Over The Counter Trading or OTC for short, is different from regular exchange trading, in that the trading desk works directly with the counterparty (you) to negotiate a transfer of fiat/crypto between the two parties. This allows more flexibility within the trade, in both volume and price.

Furthermore, OTC trading is done one-on-one with a member of Easy Crypto, so you are stepped through the process from start to finish, with priority service. OTC trading is available for individuals, Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF), Sole Traders, Partnerships, Companies and other Business, Associations or Trusts.

Regular Exchange vs OTC

Regular Exchange Trading vs OTC Trading

Easy Crypto offers a quick and easy way to access cryptocurrencies in New Zealand with automations to simplify the entire process.

When you trade with us, we leverage our connection with many exchanges to deliver you the best price on your chosen order. However, when you are looking to trade a higher amount than our standard offering, it is better to complete the trade via the OTC, or High Value Trading Desk.

Why Easy Crypto for your OTC trade?

Easy Crypto has helped thousands of Kiwis access high value trades with ease and safety since our inception. We make it simple to move the crypto you need into your custody as quickly as possible.

Registered New Zealand

Registered, New Zealand based Digital Currency Exchange

Experience in High

Experienced in High Value (OTC) Trading

Easy to Set up

Easy to Set Up

What our customers say

Across High Value Trade Desk orders and individual investments, we have assisted thousands of Kiwis to gain exposure to the exciting world of crypto.


"Immersve had recently completed its capital raise and was paid in USDC. We needed to repatriate our funds to run our New Zealand operations. We were looking for a trustworthy, responsive New Zealand company to securely provide us with OTC services for this crucial transaction. We found Easy Crypto FX rates ultra competitive, (the best in the market) and they stepped up following our enquiry, and within 48 hours had onboarded us and delivered the cash into our bank account."

How to Get Started?

Getting started with our High Value Trading Desk is made simple with Easy Crypto.

Sign up to Create

Sign up and create your account

If you are new to Easy Crypto simply complete our sign up process, verify your details and the team will have you setup and underway as soon as possible.
If you are already an Easy Crypto customer get in touch as you’re all set up to take advantage of OTC straight away.

Contact Our Friendly

Contact our friendly OTC trade team

Once you are signed up, or if you are already an Easy Crypto customer, contact our friendly team to advise you would like to access an OTC trade through this page, or via our help desk.

Visit this page to get in touch with our team about your inquiries.

Our OTC Team

Our OTC team will organise your trade

Our OTC team will be in touch and walk you through the trade from sign up to settlement.

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