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How to Buy Bitcoin in Wellington?

Are you looking to buy or trade Bitcoin or other digital assets in Wellington? If so, information online can seem confusing. Therefore, compiled an up.

Posted July 25, 2019

Buy Bitcoin Wellington New Zealand Statue Art on Mount Victoria
Buy Bitcoin Wellington New Zealand Statue Art on Mount Victoria

Are you looking to buy or trade Bitcoin or other digital assets in Wellington? If so, information online can seem confusing. Therefore, compiled an up to date list of all your remaining NZ Bitcoin exchange options.

Scroll down the to bottom to see your best route for buying Bitcoin in Wellington, New Zealand.

Wellington New Zealand mount victoria

The Definitive Guide to Buy Bitcoin in Wellington

If you are a Kiwi based in Wellington, you have three main Bitcoin buying options. You can buy Bitcoin peer to peer, or via international exchanges. Alternatively, you can buy and exchange Bitcoin to NZD using homegrown Bitcoin exchanges like Easy Crypto.

gold nugget sitting next to bitcoin coin in NZ with black back ground

Buy Bitcoin with Cash via Local Bitcoins

Peer to Peer Bitcoin trading allows users to buy Bitcoin using fiat cash, after arranging to meet vendors online.

Sadly, using peer to peer exchanges to buy Bitcoin in Wellington is not without risk.

  • Bitcoin prices are 10% to 20% higher in this arrangement than on other exchanges.
  • Meeting individuals online to conduct high-value cash transactions is very high-risk.
  • Scams on peer to peer Bitcoin exchange platforms are commonplace.

High-risks and unnecessary expenses mean that peer to peer exchanges are best avoided. Kiwis with a valid NZ bank account, are always far better served by more conventional exchanges.

3 Bitcoin in New Zealand with 2 kiwis some ferns

Buy and Trade Bitcoin on International Bitcoin Exchanges

Searching online for Wellington Bitcoin exchanges will often result in Kiwis seeing ads for international exchanges. Because of this, they are the most commonly used exchange by Kiwis. However, international Bitcoin exchange platforms often see Kiwis pay 5% to 10% for Bitcoin, than they would on local exchanges.

  • NZD to USD exchange rates apply to all international Bitcoin exchange deposits and withdrawals.
  • Payment problems and sudden account freezes on these platforms are commonplace.
  • Verifying an account on international exchanges can take between a few hours to a few days.

It is also the case that centralized overseas Bitcoin exchange platforms are inherently insecure. Hacks and thefts from exchange wallets are increasingly commonplace. As are sudden exchange closures.

Bitcoin (BTC) is illustrated as physical gold coins with the national flag of New Zealand
Physical version of Bitcoin (new virtual money) and New Zealand Flag. Conceptual image for investors in cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology in New Zealand.

How to buy Bitcoin in Wellington?

The best option for most Kiwis looking to buy Bitcoin is to use local, homegrown bitcoin exchange platforms. The fastest and most reputable for most people to consider using is Easy Crypto.

Easy Crypto is your best route to buy Bitcoin in wellington for several reasons:

  • Easy Crypto has the best broker Bitcoin prices in New Zealand
  • Our Signup and verification system is fully automatic, so you can have your Bitcoin delivered to you within minutes after verification is complete.

Based in New Zealand and fully regulated, Easy Crypto allows Kiwis to buy Bitcoin at current market prices. When buying Bitcoin, no international exchange rates apply to transactions.

More importantly, Easy Crypto allows users to exchange Bitcoin to NZD amounts. This means users can cash out of the market at any time.

Easy Crypto never applies hidden fees to transactions. Most new accounts can also be verified in minutes. Place your first Bitcoin buy or sell order, by clicking here.

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Disclaimer: Information is current as at the date of publication. This is general information only and is not intended to be advice. Crypto is volatile, carries risk and the value can go up and down. Past performance is not an indicator of future returns. Please do your own research.

Last updated October 7, 2022

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