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How to Buy Ethereum (ETH) in New Zealand with NZD?

In this article, we’ll explain how you can get in on the action by buying Ethereum in New Zealand.

Posted June 16, 2019

Illustration of a man sitting down with a laptop leaning to an ethereum logo
Illustration of a man sitting down with a laptop leaning to an ethereum logo

Ethereum has been the second most popular cryptocurrency in the world after Bitcoin for many years. Like Bitcoin, the Ethereum price has enjoyed periods of explosive growth during this time. 

In this article, we’ll explain how you can get in on the action by buying Ethereum in New Zealand. Not only that, we’ll show you the best way to buy some Ether (or ETH) in a regulated New Zealand exchange, for a faster and more secure transaction.

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How to buy Ethereum in New Zealand

Since Ethereum is decentralised, it is possible to buy it from anyone on the Internet. Of course, you shouldn’t easily trust anyone who claims that they could sell some Ethereum for NZD. 

To protect yourself from malicious parties, you should always consider a crypto exchange as a serious financial service business. Please note:

  • The crypto exchange must be regulated, registered, and recognised.
  • Don’t just rely on one review site to get to know the legitimacy of a crypto exchange. 
  • Look at their policies; transparency involving fund transfers is crucial to be examined.

There are actually dozens of crypto exchanges to choose from, most of which are overseas exchanges. Unfortunately, NZD exchange rates are just one of the hurdles that Kiwis have to hop over just to get a decent amount of Ether.

The good news is that there are local cryptocurrency exchanges in New Zealand which you can trust. 

The screenshot of Easy Crypto quick buy and sell features

Easy Crypto is an independent and fully regulated New Zealand-based cryptocurrency retailer. By being based in NZ, Kiwis can buy Ethereum without the high NZD exchange rates and transaction fees applied by international exchanges.

Easy Crypto is the best place to buy Ethereum in NZ for several reasons:

  • Easy Crypto has the best broker Ethereum prices in NZ.
  • We are the only crypto broker in NZ to have a 100% Funds Safety Guarantee.
  • You can create an account with Easy Crypto and have Ethereum sent to you in less than 4 minutes.

Unlike other platforms, Easy Crypto can verify most new user accounts in under 2-minutes. We can also create Ethereum wallets for new users free of charge. This makes Easy Crypto the easiest place to consider using when looking to buy ETH in New Zealand for the first time.

So, how to buy Ethereum in New Zealand through Easy Crypto?

You can follow these easy steps to start buying Ethereum in New Zealand:

  1. Open an Easy Crypto account
    Signing up to Easy Crypto couldn’t be easier. Users can choose to sign up via email. Alternatively, new users can create accounts instantly by signing up via Google, Facebook, or Twitter.

    You can click here to sign up in minutes now.
  2. Verify your identity
    Cryptocurrency exchanges and retailers are required by law to verify user identities. However, unlike on exchanges, Easy Crypto can verify accounts in under 2-minutes when users provide us with a New Zealand issued drivers license. Manually submitting a verification request will also typically see your account verified in less than 2 hours.
  3. Buy Ethereum in NZ by selecting an amount in NZD
    After a new user account has been verified, Easy Crypto users can enter an amount of Ethereum they would like to purchase in New Zealand dollars. After confirming this amount, users can then pay via direct bank transfer or POLi instant pay.
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Sell Ethereum for New Zealand dollars

Most cryptocurrency investors invest in coins like Ethereum long-term. However, Easy Crypto also allows users to sell Ethereum whenever they decide to liquidate assets.

Proceeds from sales are available within 24-hours. Moreover, 24-hours is the maximum amount of time funds take to process. In many cases, sales proceeds will be available much sooner.

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum was created in 2015 by Russian-Canadian programmer Vitalik Buterin. Based on the same decentralized principles of Bitcoin, Ethereum significantly expanded on the capabilities of what a cryptocurrency and blockchain could be.

Chief among innovations is the ability of the Ethereum blockchain to act as a decentralized virtual computer.

Using the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), independent developers can create secondary blockchain-based apps called Dapps and tokens, built upon the Ethereum Network. 

Instead of having to build new blockchains from scratch, businesses and individuals can, therefore, deploy new cryptocurrencies, blockchain-based services, and even full software applications on top of Ethereum’s core infrastructure.

Cryptocurrencies built on top of the Ethereum blockchain are called ERC-20 tokens, and they can be used for an almost infinite amount of applications. 

ERC-20 tokens can be built to tether real-world assets to tokens, to represent votes in an election, to represent CO2 emissions for governments to auction to corporations and beyond! 

Read more: What are ERC20 Tokens?

Ethereum is the future of smart money.
Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash

Ethereum use cases & future implications

At present, Ethereum D’Apps exist which can tokenize real word assets, provide on-demand distributed computing power, and power new digital identification systems.

Ethereum also allows individuals and businesses to create Smart Contracts that provide computerised automated contracts to any Ethereum wallet or token built on the Ethernet. 

These are self-executing applications which automatically verify and enforce contractual terms associated with transactions.

  • Smart Contracts can be used to transact data, ownership of real-world assets and cryptocurrency on the Ethereum Network.
  • Smart contracts are used by insurance agencies to fight fraud.
  • Smart contracts streamline, expedite, and improve the security of real estate transactions.
  • New startups regularly use D’Apps and smart contracts to raise startup capital via initial coin offerings (ICOs).
  • Smart Contracts are expected to revolutionise the world of contracts and power them forward digitally into the automated computerised world.

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