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Home Hub Cryptocurrencies How to Sell Ripple XRP in NZ – New Zealand’s Most Trusted Guide

How to Sell Ripple XRP in NZ – New Zealand’s Most Trusted Guide

How Do I Sell My Ripple XRP in New Zealand? I invested in Ripple XRP a few years ago. But how do I sell XRP.

Posted July 15, 2019


How Do I Sell My Ripple XRP in New Zealand?

I invested in Ripple XRP a few years ago. But how do I sell XRP in NZ to cash out my profits?

Is it time to cash out your XRP coin holdings? If so, you might think that exchanging coins for BTC, before cashing out on an exchange is your best option. However, there is a much easier, faster, and less risky way to sell XRP right here in New Zealand.


How to sell XRP in NZ in 2020

Your best way to sell XRP in New Zealand is through Easy Crypto. NZ owned and operated, Easy Crypto NZ provides the best XRP to NZD prices in the entire country, as well as highly active human support.

  • You can sell your Ripple XRP through Easy Crypto at the best prices in NZ
  • Easy Crypto is the only cryptocurrency broker in NZ to offer a 100% funds safety guarantee
  • You can sign up in minutes using our automated verification system and sell XRP and have NZD sent to your bank account in less than 24 hrs.

How to Sell Ripple XRP through Easy Crypto NZ?

Ripple XRP is one of several traders top cryptocurrency investment picks for 2020 and 2021. However, even if it is the case that Ripple XRP is topping altcoin price charts, you may still need to sell.

At present, there are several ways to sell Ripple. It is possible to sell XRP coins for cash at Gatehub, Bitfinex, Kraken, and other exchanges. Only at Easy Crypto, though, is it possible to sell XRP directly for New Zealand Dollars.

selling bitcoin to nzd in new zealand through easy crypto

Sell Ripple in Three Easy Steps

Easy Crypto is the best cryptocurrency exchange in NZ where it is possible to sell Ripple instantly for New Zealand Dollars. Getting started at Easy Crypto is also very simple.

  • Create an account
  • Instantly verify using our cutting edge Origin ID automatic ID verification system
  • Sell Ripple XRP to us at the best prices in NZ.

Get started with Easy Crypto today.

easy crypto sign in button

Step 1. – Create an Easy Crypto Account

If you are a Kiwi based in New Zealand, creating an Easy Crypto exchange account is easy. Simply sign up with Easy Crypto via email. Alternatively, it is possible to sign up in one click using a Facebook or Google account.


Step 2. Verify Your NZ ID

Easy Crypto is required by New Zealand law to verify the identity of users, and so are any other cryptocurrency exchanges in NZ. Thankfully, it is possible for us to verify most new user accounts in under 2-minutes. For us to do so, simply upload a copy of your New Zealand issue driving license or passport.

selling xrp in new zealand with easy crypto speedrun

Step 3. Sell Your Ripple

At Easy Crypto, it is possible to sell up to $30,000 NZD in Ripple after only verifying your ID and address. All that is necessary is for users to create a sell rather than a buy order. With all sell orders, it is also possible to receive NZD to an NZ bank account within 24-hours.


How do I sell My Ripple if I Own More Than $30K in XRP?

If you want to sell more than $30,000 worth of XRP, don’t worry. Selling higher amounts of Ripple is possible. However, to do so, Easy Crypto will need to see evidence concerning where coins were originally purchased. (If it is the case that XRP coins were not originally purchased from Easy Crypto.)


Is Now a Good Time to Sell Ripple?

As a rule, there is never a good or bad time to sell XRP coins. However, if you plan to sell XRP you own because of recent price corrections, you may want to reconsider.

Panic selling because of periodic coin price changes, is the easiest way to make considerable losses when investing in cryptocurrency. For this reason, never sell on a whim. At least, not without researching the reasons behind periodic price corrections beforehand.

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Last updated November 23, 2021

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