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How to Sell Ripple (XRP) in New Zealand

Even though XRP was invented by an American company, the cryptocurrency can be sold anywhere in the world — even in New Zealand.

Posted July 15, 2019


Ripple (XRP) is a unique cryptocurrency that uses the Ripple network, which helps some banks around the world offer cheaper international transfers.

Even though XRP was invented by an American company, Ripple Labs, the cryptocurrency can be sold anywhere in the world — even in New Zealand.

How do I sell my Ripple (XRP) crypto in New Zealand?

One good option when it comes to selling XRP in New Zealand is through Easy Crypto. We operate in New Zealand and the platform is owned by two innovative Kiwi siblings. The best part is that you’ll be able to receive New Zealand Dollars directly after you’ve sent your XRP to us.

To get started, make sure that you have access to your XRP wallet. If for some reason you’ve lost your password or PIN to your wallet, you can use your own recovery phrases to reset your forgotten access keys.

Step 1. Create an Easy Crypto account

If you haven’t created an account already, signing up takes literally seconds to do. You can sign up with Google, Facebook, or your own email address.

Step 2. Verify Your NZ ID

Easy Crypto is required by New Zealand law to verify the identity of users, and so are any other cryptocurrency exchanges in NZ.

Thankfully, it is possible for us to verify new user accounts in under two minutes. For us to do so, simply upload a copy of your New Zealand issue driving license or passport with SumSub.

If for some reason SumSub isn’t working for you, there is also the option of manually submitting your documents, and we’ll have one of our staff review it quickly for you.

Step 3. Create a sell order

At Easy Crypto, it is possible to sell up to $30,000 NZD in Ripple after only verifying your ID and address. If you want to sell more than $30,000 worth of XRP, don’t worry. Selling higher amounts of Ripple is possible.

However, to do so, Easy Crypto will need to see evidence concerning where coins were originally purchased (if it is the case that XRP coins were not originally purchased from Easy Crypto).

Step 4. Double check our XRP address and send it our way

The last step is to review your order. Before you send your XRP our way, it’s important to double check that the deposit address is correct, and that the amount you’re sending is exactly the amount you’ve ordered to sell.

Most of our Kiwi customers receive their Kiwi dollars within 24 hours of sending the cryptocurrency. If that’s not the case for you, you’ve got a friend at Easy Crypto.

Check out our frequently asked questions or write to us about your concerns.

Don’t forget — you are in control

Whenever you buy or sell cryptocurrency with us or anywhere else, always remember that you are responsible for your own financial well-being. This includes being critical of whatever you read and hear, and doing further research to verify the source of information.

Furthermore, owning crypto means that you are responsible for your own assets and where it goes. If you send your assets to the wrong address, it is very difficult to recover. Therefore, please remember that while you are given 100% power over your crypto, you are also 100% responsible for it.

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Disclaimer: Information is current as at the date of publication. This is general information only and is not intended to be advice. Crypto is volatile, carries risk and the value can go up and down. Past performance is not an indicator of future returns. Please do your own research.

Last updated August 29, 2022

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