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How Do I Start Trading Bitcoin in Australia?

Bitcoin trading in Australia can see skilled traders make substantial profits out of the cryptocurrency market. However, many trading platforms have one fatal flaw. Popular.

Posted March 3, 2020

Bitcoin trading Australia chart
Bitcoin trading Australia chart

Bitcoin trading in Australia can see skilled traders make substantial profits out of the cryptocurrency market. However, many trading platforms have one fatal flaw.

Popular cryptocurrency trading platforms like Binance allow traders to buy and sell hundreds of different altcoins. However, many do not also support crypto to fiat cash exchanges. At Easy Crypto Australia, we change this.

Easy Crypto Australia buy bitcoin logo

How Bitcoin Trading in Australia Works

Easy Crypto is an Australian cryptocurrency exchange where it is possible to buy and sell Bitcoin quickly and easily.

If you plan on trying your hand at trading, we help by making it easy to buy Bitcoin with Australian Dollars (AUD) that you can use to deposit on other exchanges.

  • Easy Crypto generally offers lower fees when buying Bitcoin than international exchanges.
  • Bitcoin you buy Bitcoin from Easy Crypto Australia your BTC can be immediately sent to mainstream crypto trading platforms like Binance.
  • When you wish to withdraw trading profits as cash, you can transfer Bitcoin back to Easy Crypto and sell your Bitcoin for AUD.
Bitcoin price AUD dipping down and surging back up chart image

Why is Bitcoin Trading in Australia so Complicated?

Why Bitcoin trading in Australia seems so complex is simple. Smart traders prefer to use trading platforms like Binance because of their low fees. Binance also makes it possible to trade hundreds of different digital assets.

The problem with Binance, however, is that Binance does not allow users to withdraw trading profits in Australian Dollars.

There are, of course, alternative trading platforms to Binance. However, platforms like eToro and Coinbase Pro are based overseas. This can result in it taking several days to successfully withdraw trading revenues.

One easy solution is to buy Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies through Easy Crypto Australia, send it to Binance and trade, then exchange sell your Bitcoin back into AUD through Easy Crypto Australia.

Buy Bitcoin with Australian Dollars AUD pile of cash

Easy Crypto Make Crypto Trading in Australia Easy

At Easy Crypto Australia, we allow users to exchange up to $10,000 (AU) of Bitcoin for regular Australian Dollars every 24-hours. We can also extend daily trading limits for users wanting to trade larger Bitcoin volumes.

  • Funds can be withdrawn to your Australian bank account in under 24-hours.
  • Easy Crypto is fully regulated in Australia. This means that we cannot indiscriminately freeze or confiscate funds like some international exchanges.
  • Cashing out crypto locally means that you can save on the cost of USD to AUD exchange rates and international bank transfers.

Signing up to use Easy Crypto is also easy. This is thanks to the fact that we verify new user identities in under 12-hours.

Bitcoin logo on wall street sign

Start Bitcoin Trading in Australia Directly on Easy Crypto

As well as making it easy for traders to exchange Bitcoin for Australian Dollars, Easy Crypto also allows users to buy and sell 100+ different altcoins directly on our platform.

When you do trade with Easy Crypto directly, you also benefit from use of our own portfolio tracker to help you keep real-time track of your trading profits.

Are you planning to start trading cryptocurrency this year? If so, trade smarter with Easy Crypto by clicking here.

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Disclaimer: Information is current as at the date of publication. This is general information only and is not intended to be advice. Crypto is volatile, carries risk and the value can go up and down. Past performance is not an indicator of future returns. Please do your own research.

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