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How to buy Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) in Australia

Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) could rival not just Ethereum, but any other network that uses blockchain. This is because HBAR uses a curious technology called a.

Posted August 2, 2021

Illustration of a phone screen showcasing the Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) logo with the Australian flag in the background.
Illustration of a phone screen showcasing the Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) logo with the Australian flag in the background.

Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) could rival not just Ethereum, but any other network that uses blockchain. This is because HBAR uses a curious technology called a hashgraph, which promises up to 10,000 transactions per second, and has gained massive corporate support.

A great majority of Aussies may be investing in the familiar Bitcoin or Ethereum, but if you are an Aussie who believes in the unrealised potential of hashgraph technology, then HBAR may be just for you.

Like any other cryptocurrency, HBAR exists on the Internet, meaning that you can buy HBAR in Australia, or anywhere else in the world, through exchanges like Easy Crypto Australia. Can’t wait to get started? Here are simple steps to buy HBAR.

Learn more: What is Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR)? 

How to buy Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) with Easy Crypto

How to buy Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) at Easy Crypto

At Easy Crypto, we ensure that the buying and selling processes are made as simple and cost-effective as possible.

Need a shortcut? Click here to buy HBAR in Australia today!

Signing up to Easy Crypto Australia

Signing up to Easy Crypto Australia is a 2-minute process. You can make an account using your email address, Google account, Facebook account, or Twitter account.

Then you may proceed to the next steps of verifying yourself with your ID.

Save more time by clicking this Sign Up link here. 

See the HBAR-AUD rates

Is it the right time to buy HBAR? Like all cryptocurrencies, the price of HBAR fluctuates based on supply and demand — this is a healthy sign of a free market!

Particularly for HBAR, since it is not a ‘famous’ cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, its price swings are even more significant.

But if you believe in the future potential of Hedera Hashgraph, and you have taken all risks into account, you may employ the dollar-cost averaging technique to make a less emotional and disciplined approach to investing.

Check the latest prices: View HBAR rates in AUD here.

Place an order to buy HBAR with Aussie Dollar

Buy HBAR by entering the amount you’d like to buy in Aussie Dollar. Then provide us with your wallet address so that we can send the cryptocurrency your way. 

Important: Do not mistype your address. Cryptocurrency transfers cannot be refunded. The best and easiest way to avoid this mistake is to simply copy-paste your address, instead of typing each symbol individually. 

Lastly, select a payment method 

In Australia, we offer two methods of payment, both of which are electronic transfers. Unfortunately, we do not accept hard cash to satisfy regulatory requirements.

We accept transfers from major banks in Australia as well as POLi Payments, an instant payment service that collaborates with most Australian banks 

Further reading: Learn more about POLi and how to use it.

Wait under an hour

Unlike other exchanges, Easy Crypto directly transfers your crypto assets to your own wallet. This means you truly own your HBAR cryptocurrency; you are responsible for keeping them safe!

If you buy your digital currencies elsewhere, you might enjoy the instant transfers, but that’s possibly because your assets are still kept under their custody, not yours. 

This is why it will take some time before you see a change in your HBAR wallet balance.

Need help with anything? Read our FAQ or contact our Help Desk.

Things to consider before buying Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR)

Now, before you go on and add HBAR to your crypto portfolio take some time to consider the following things:

You will first need a wallet to store HBAR…

Cryptocurrencies are typically stored in a special account called wallets. These are software interfaces that let you check your crypto balance, send, or even receive cryptocurrencies. 

Even though HBAR isn’t a blockchain network, its underlying ledger technology is still similar to older cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Therefore, HBAR is also stored in the most common cryptocurrency wallets in the world, such as Exodus and Ledger Nano X or Ledger Nano S.

Exodus is a software wallet, also known as a hot wallet, meaning that it is secured only by your passcode and your Internet security protocols.

In contrast, hardware wallets like Ledger Nano are the hardware that stores your private keys, and your desktop interface for the wallet will only respond if the physical device is connected.

Software wallets’ portability and accessibility is a great choice for making regular transactions, so typical users would put a smaller portion of their crypto wealth into software wallets while keeping the rest accessible only through a hardware wallet.

Guide to the best crypto wallets for you: Cryptocurrency Wallets – What are your options?

Research for a trusted cryptocurrency exchange in Australia

Since cryptocurrencies are decentralised, theoretically you can buy or sell them to literally anyone in Australia or anywhere else. To do this, the seller would need to know your wallet address. Of course, transacting with strangers on the Internet without a system to eliminate trust is going to be hard.

Cryptocurrency exchanges in Australia exist to facilitate fair price and secure exchanges from Aussie dollars to any crypto asset of your choice. There are so many to choose from; you might know a couple overseas exchanges that are one of the biggest out in the world.

But did you know that you can choose a local Australian exchange that follows local regulations, to ensure that you get the best AUD to HBAR rates without going through a time-consuming verification process that you can typically get if you use overseas exchanges.

Here are some useful tips for choosing a crypto exchange in Australia:

  • Understand the fees attached to transactions. Some exchanges may offer custodial services, which makes it seem like they have low fees. However, a hidden fee may become apparent once you try to sell, deposit or withdraw crypto assets into your own wallet.
  • Recognise legitimate crypto exchanges from the fake ones. A typical crypto exchange simply offers an exchange service, nothing more. Any other service is optional, such as staking and lending, so make sure you know which service you are using.
  • DO NOT under any circumstances share your crypto wallet’s private key. An exchange that asks you for this is obviously a scam.

Do a test run on buying small amounts of HBAR

If you haven’t yet trusted the platform and want to take a small risk to try it out, you can buy cryptocurrencies for as little as $10.

Do a small buy, and see whether you need to pay additional fees to transfer to your crypto wallet. If you happen to land on Easy Crypto Australia and you’re about to make a purchase, the bill is always exactly the amount you will pay, with no hidden fees!

You can also compare crypto exchanges in Australia.

Here is our 2021 report on Crypto Exchange Comparison in Australia after trying out some of the most popular exchanges using a scientific approach.

Stay updated in the crypto space!

Hedera Hashgraph could change the global economy as a whole. Stay updated on the latest news surrounding Hedera Hashgraph, the HBAR cryptocurrency, and other relevant news that you can use to make informed decisions. 

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Disclaimer: Information is current as at the date of publication. This is general information only and is not intended to be advice. Crypto is volatile, carries risk and the value can go up and down. Past performance is not an indicator of future returns. Please do your own research.

Last updated October 7, 2022

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