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Why more Kiwis are getting into crypto

Here at Easy Crypto we believe in making crypto easy so that everyone can get involved. We commissioned this market research report to better understand the next wave of crypto adopters - the issues and challenges that they face getting into crypto - and how we can support them in making more informed investment decisions.


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Disclaimer: Crypto is volatile, carries risk and the value can go up and down. Past performance is not an indicator of future returns. Please do your own research. Information current at the date of publication. For more information check our Privacy Policy

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Key takeaways from report:

  • Rising Interest in Crypto

    Nearly 50% of New Zealanders are active crypto investors or considering future investment in crypto.

  • Discontent with Traditional Finance

    1 in 3 investors are attracted to crypto because it reduces profits for other institutions with many believing that governments and banks are impeding financial freedom.

  • Accessibility

     60% of respondents believe crypto offers the opportunity to invest small amounts in crypto over time making it a more attractive proposition, compared to only 16% for real estate.

  • Cross-Generational Appeal

    Crypto attracts younger generations facing challenges in home ownership and older generations seeking to enhance retirement savings.

  • Increased Consideration of Alternative Assets

    Only 20% believe government-insured investments are the only safe option, indicating a shift towards considering alternative assets like crypto.

  • Regulatory Support

    50% of respondents support the need for regulation to ensure safe and secure investment environments.