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Easy Crypto Appoints New Chief of Staff Anna Walmsley

Easy Crypto is pleased to announce Anna Walmsley as the new Chief of Staff to lead administrative and operational activities.


Posted November 19, 2021

Blog cover of Anna Walmsley as the Chief of Staff at Easy Crypto.
Blog cover of Anna Walmsley as the Chief of Staff at Easy Crypto.

Auckland, NZ (November 19, 2021) – We are excited to announce the addition of Anna Walmsley to assume the role of Chief of Staff at Easy Crypto. Prior to her joining, Anna served as Chief of Staff to the Global Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of New York-based American Express.

Anna brings over a decade of world-class experience with the credit card giant, as well as marketing agencies across the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States.

As the Chief of Staff, Anna will lead administrative and operational activities for the CEO, Janine Grainger, and aims to make time, information and decision processes more effective across the company.

Having worked in the traditional finance sector, the crypto industry caught her attention with the disruptive agility that cryptocurrencies offer to the end-user.

“I see crypto as the future of finance. It offers a transparency, low cost and accessibility that is hard to beat and with that, ultimately a fairer financial system and service that everyone can participate in”, commented Anna when asked about the crypto industry.

Our mission to provide accessible finance and a customer-first approach were highlighting factors that compelled Anna to join the executive team at Easy Crypto.

“Easy Crypto also appealed to me for its “humanness” in an otherwise completely digitised industry. We’re purpose-led, focused on ensuring the financial system is fair and that everyone can have access to the systems and information to succeed”, says Anna. 

With Anna strengthening Easy Crypto as the Chief of Staff, we are more confident than ever before in our ability to deliver on our mission of making digital payments and other financial services accessible to all.

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Last updated October 18, 2022

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