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New Zealand Flood & Cyclone Relief Donations

Easy Crypto is helping to facilitate donations to provide support and relief to Kiwis impacted by the recent climate emergency.

Posted February 16, 2023

Blog Cover - NZ Flood and Cyclone Relief Donations
Blog Cover - NZ Flood and Cyclone Relief Donations

Our hearts go out to Kiwis across the North Island impacted by the storms, cyclone and extreme rainfall that have swept through the region.

We know many in the crypto community would like to donate and so we’ve joined forces with others in our industry including Binance, Centrality, Futureverse and BBM, a NZ-based local charity, to get crypto donations to those that are in need.

Easy Crypto is facilitating the donations to BBM and has set up donation wallet addresses to get your donations processed safely and rapidly.

NZ Charity NFT fundraiser banner.
Donate with NFTs

Donation wallet address

Below are the supported cryptocurrencies we accept for the flood relief donations, along with the wallet’s deposit address.

All donations you make via these addresses will be sent to BBM who are helping Kiwis caught up in the recent events. 

Note: Do not send funds to any other wallet addresses that are not listed on this page.

  • Bitcoin (BTC) address: 3GCAQTXXoPxQVHXHZd4gGscxNFGobZ2jcG
  • ETH, USDT, USDC, BUSD address (on ETH or BSC network): 0x14ed436b89706d10cd9f63fc73781c4c0a38987c
  • DOGE Address:  DPjosTBnzM7cNfCYF3BDbp45Lo1zRPrSaV
  • Cardano (ADA) Address: Ae2tdPwUPEZJ3XGVgjH3NjJJd7uVN46oZxHJC4ZE7cvaf9brs3SkGMv14KE
  • XRP Address: rwh5kuevZEnD6UJEtBxGbsPfv2447JJrik

Be sure to verify and check the deposit addresses listed on this page.

Note: Please do not send NFTs to the donation address. We cannot receive or recover them at those addresses.

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Easy Crypto enables and supports donation relief for North Island climate crisis 

Our team at Easy Crypto is committed to supporting the North Island communities by facilitating crypto donations for those impacted by the recent weather events. 

We are working together with BBM, a NZ-based local charity, to help Kiwis impacted by the recent climate events get the help and support they need.

Your crypto donations will be distributed directly to those in need via BBM.

If you are new to crypto and want help getting started click here.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Any donation over NZD $50K needs to have a proven source of funds. Please contact Easy Crypto to process this donation. 
  • Donations for this fundraiser are not tax deductible.

Feel free to reach out and contact us with any questions or inquiries about the flood relief support, or any crypto-related inquiries.

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Last updated April 10, 2023

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