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What is Basic Attention Token (BAT)?

The Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a token for a blockchain-based advertising platform. This project aims to improve online ads by cutting third-party ad exchanges,.

Posted April 22, 2021

Image of a man holding a Basic Attention Token on his hand.
Image of a man holding a Basic Attention Token on his hand.

The Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a token for a blockchain-based advertising platform. This project aims to improve online ads by cutting third-party ad exchanges, reducing ad scams, protecting user privacy, and also sharing revenue with users to reward them for their attention.

This project combines a new browser, Brave, and utility token based on Ethereum, BAT, to create a decentralized online advertising platform. Participants in the ecosystem transact with BAT tokens: on one side of the exchange, advertisers pay with BAT, and on the other hand, publishers and users can earn with BAT.

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How does Basic Attention Token work?

Advertisers pay BATs to publishers to run their ad campaigns, and users are given an award in BATs for viewing ads in the Brave browser. User attention is measured in real-time in the Brave browser; valuation metrics applied to this concern that take into account advertising visibility, time spent on advertising, as well as the traditional cost-per-action model of user engagement, into account when gaining the value of attention.

BAT uses the concept of blockchain technology to increase the effectiveness of targeted advertisements (ad relevance is handled by a machine learning model that anonymously matches advertisements with user interests) without compromising user privacy (BAT only stores user’s personal data on devices they use in active Bold browsers) and to reduce fraud on behalf of advertisers.

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Is Basic Attention Token a good investment?

The token team main attention is to hopes to create an advertising environment that is more transparent, fair and secure; allows advertisers to have a better insight into their advertising campaigns, publishers experience less friction (no intermediaries) when doing business, and users earn revenue for the attention they pay to advertise while maintaining their privacy on the internet.

The logo of Blockchain Attention Token (BAT) on pink background

The Brave Software – the parent company of Brave browser and BAT, founded by Brendan Eich, creator of Javascript – sees that the digital advertising market is dominated by intermediaries who sometimes send advertisements containing viruses, commit many violations of user privacy, and track users across multiple devices. This results in users using ad blocking software, but ad-blocking software has made a 66% loss in revenue over the past decade for publishers.

This makes publishers not compelled to create and promote quality content. But the team at BAT sees BAT, “and related technology as a future part of web standards, solving important problems in getting money from publisher content while protecting user privacy.”

BAT cuts intermediaries from publishing processing and, in turn, allows advertisers to pay publishers directly – increasing the percentage that publishers receive. The BAT machine learning algorithm helps advertisers receive better data about their expenses and helps them launch more effective ad campaigns in the future. And BAT allows users to surf the internet safely while earning income from advertisements that attract their attention.

In this context, BAT may very well have the ability to alter the relationship between users, advertisers, and creators. This can truly revolutionise the way content creators are paid and the way users see advertisements.

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What is the Brave Browser?

Brave is a web browser founded by Brendan Eich who is the creator of Javascript and also the founder of the well-known Firefox browser. Brave comes with a native ad-blocker and loads the site 2-8 times faster than Chrome and Safari on mobile and double as fast as Chrome on desktop.

By default, all advertisements and trackers on the website are blocked, and instead, the user is given the option to choose the Brave Rewards program, by choosing this program, the user will be paid in BAT to see unobtrusive advertisements.

Screenshot of Brave browser homepage

Brave also has its private browsing window similar to Chrome’s Incognito mode, except that Brave is equipped with an additional Tor browsing window for advanced security.

The Brave browser is available on Linux, Mac OS, and Windows operating systems; and the Brave software team plan to extend BAT compatibility to other browsers in the future.

Browse with Brave: Click here to visit the official Brave website.

Why is Brave Browser & Basic Attention Token revolutionary?

Adverts slow down websites, reduce battery life, and use up cellular data. According to the Basic Attention Token website, more than 50% of the average mobile data user is used on adverts and trackers.

Combining the BAT cryptocurrency with the Brave browser, users can be rewarded for seeing optional advertisements. Compare this to intrusive advertisements that interrupt you while watching videos or trying to explore a website.

instead of being annoyed by those intrusive advertisements, you can choose to see small ads and get paid for your time.

However, watching advertisements is not the only way you get Basic Attention. Even so, creators can accept tips at BAT. This will be very useful for YouTube creators especially those who have to deal with YouTube demonetizing their videos for seemingly arbitrary reasons.

Brave has a basic Basic Attention Token wallet and they have teamed up with Uphold to allow you to withdraw your token into whatever currency you want including GBP & USD.

How can you earn or buy Basic Attention Token (BAT)?


Here’s how a user can buy Basic Attention Token (BAT):

  1. Download Brave Browser

    Please activate Brave Rewards too and use it the way you normally use your browser.

  2. Click on the BAT symbol

    To activate Brave Rewards, click on the BAT symbol at the end of the URL bar, then click on reward settings.

  3. Activate “Brave Reward”

    Once you reach the settings page, simply activate “Brave Reward” to on and you can start earning Basic Attention Token (BAT).

  4. Wait for notification

    Sometimes a notification will appear in the bottom right corner of the screen, this is an advertisement and you will be paid at the Basic Attention Token to click on the notification and view the advertiser’s website.

For publishers & creators: Become a Verified Brave Publisher and receive BAT tips from users who likes your content. To become a publisher you must create a Brave Rewards account.

Where to buy Basic Attention Token?

Now that you have a general idea of what Basic Attention Token is and its potential, the next step is to consider investing in it.

At the time of this writing, Basic Attention Token (BAT) is trading at USD $1.20 after just reaching a new all-time high of USD $1.63 early in April 2021. The current market cap of BAT currently hovers at USD $1,801,616,626.

That said, the best and safest place to buy and sell Basic Attention Token is through a secure crypto exchange platform – Easy Crypto makes this process a breeze for you.

How to buy Basic Attention Token (BAT) at Easy Crypto
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Basic Attention Token (BAT) really could be one of the most revolutionary projects out there. Let’s hope they can bring their positive momentum and give us products that we will use widely in the future.

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Last updated April 22, 2021.

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