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Secure your recovery words with Cryptosteel Capsule Solo

By putting your private data on some of the world’s most durable materials, you can rest assured that you can access your crypto forever.

Posted November 19, 2021

Cryptosteel Capsule Solo
Cryptosteel Capsule Solo

Securing your wealth using hardware wallets means that you need to be responsible for keeping the recovery words safe. Unfortunately, a lot of people are not aware that keeping those recovery words on a piece of paper is incredibly risky.

So, what is the best way to store your recovery words? The answer is solid stainless steel. By putting your private data on some of the world’s most durable materials, you can rest assured that your access to crypto wealth is indestructible*.

How does Cryptosteel Capsule Solo work?

Unlike many other recovery word storage tools, the Capsule is very simple and intuitive to use. Each box contains all 26 letters of the English alphabet and the numbers 0 – 9. These letters or characters are engraved on metal tiles with a hole in the middle of each tile. You will then spell out your backup phrases in order, letter by letter. 

That sounds tedious, is there another way?

The Capsule is compatible with the following industry standard:

  • BIP39 (4-letter abbreviations of 24-word recovery seeds)
  • Shamir Backup SLIP39 (4-letter abbreviations of 20-word recovery seeds)
  • BIP32 root keys
  • WIF private keys
  • Monero mnemonic seeds (4-letter abbreviations of 25-word recovery seeds)

This means technically, you don’t have to spell out each and every recovery word. If you know how to convert your recovery words into 4-letter or 40-digit abbreviations, then it’s possible to save some time and energy into backing up your recovery words.

Technical specifications of Cryptosteel Capsule Solo

Capsule dimensions: 

  • Length: 102mm
  • Diameter: 16mm  

Material – 100% stainless steel 

  • The shell is made of AISI 303.
  • The core, separators, fasteners and character tiles are made of AISI 304.

What’s in the package: 

  • All printable ASCII characters (96 different characters) 
    • There are a total of >800 tiles.

*The Cryptosteel Capsule Solo is fireproof up to 1400 C / 2500 F as well as waterproof and shockproof. Of course, conditions beyond this point will destroy the capsule — so if you’re an astronaut, just don’t throw it into a decaying orbit 🙂

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Last updated August 29, 2022

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