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What is Crypto Swap and How is it done with Easy Crypto?

Easy Crypto makes it quick and easy to exchange between different crypto assets. Learn how you can leverage our crypto swap feature.

Posted January 25, 2021

Illustration of a phone held by a hand with two coins hovering on the left and right to illustrate the idea of what is a crypto swap
Illustration of a phone held by a hand with two coins hovering on the left and right to illustrate the idea of what is a crypto swap

Imagine creating an exchange account, then having to log in to place an order just because you’re wanting to swap your cryptocurrencies. Most people will think that’s too painful and never quite get around to that. Fair enough, that is a pretty inefficient way to switch between crypto assets, though not if you have access to a crypto swap feature!

And given the fact that not all exchanges support the same crypto, you will almost need to create multiple accounts, go through the different verification processes, and orientate yourself with the “Know-How” of each exchange. Not to mention, all the risks it entails! 

This begs the question – does swapping your own crypto need to be so complicated? Let me say this right now, it doesn’t need to be. In fact, swapping between your digital assets is quick and simple.

Jump right in: Get started with our crypto swap feature.

What is a crypto swap?

Before we get into the details, let’s start with a working definition.

What is a crypto swap?

Swaps allow users to exchange directly between supported cryptocurrency pairs. Want Bitcoin but only have Ethereum? With crypto swap, you can select the relevant crypto assets, tap the swap button, and voila!

As crypto swap streamlines the process of exchanging your crypto assets, there are more and more providers entering the space. While some are platforms dedicated to offering crypto swaps services, you will notice that crypto wallets too, sometimes offer such a service. 

Each of these providers charges a different rate, and we’ll compare some of the more well known crypto swap providers. 


As the name suggests, this platform is centred on crypto swaps. Swapy manages this by combining over 10 exchanges to give users more low-cap and low liquidity tokens at spot price. They currently offer swaps from Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether into over 70 different tokens. All of the exchange flows to your wallet can be tracked on-screen.

However, what is nifty about Swapy is that it charges a fee only on the amount users will save relative to competitor services. In other words, Swapy only takes a cut of what you save on a swap, doing away with a flat fee entirely. 


Changelly was founded in 2015 and supports over 150 cryptocurrencies. They do. however, take a 0.25% fee for all swaps. 

In terms of reputation, Changelly has been known to be one of the more user-friendly platforms, delivering a fixed-rate mechanism that protects against the risk of market fluctuations when tokens are being swapped. 

Changelly claims the stability is assured by integrating a small reserve inside the exchange rate when the final quote is given to the user. 


AirSwap exchange is relatively new and is an interesting platform. The exchange claims that there are no fees, no deposits and that users do not have to sign-up to the platform. 

AirSwap also has its own token, AirSwap-token. Instead of charging users with a trading fee, it simply requires all “makers to stake 250 AirSwap-tokens”, one exchange review reveals.

It is built on the Ethereum blockchain, and claims that the exchange is very secure, intuitive and boasts a high trading volume.

Crypto Wallets

Some popular crypto wallets that offer cryptocurrency swap services are Atomic Wallet and Exodus Wallet. Exodus, for example, charges between 2%-5% in exchange fees, depending on the market condition. 

Exodus wallet allows you to see the exact exchange fees when you open your wallet and go to the exchange tab. The fee is based on how many people are trading and how many people are looking for exchange rates.

In other words, when there are thousands of transactions a second, the fees may be lower. However, in times where people are not making as many transactions, the charges may be higher. As for Atomic wallet, the fees vary depending on the swap pair

While it seems like you are spoilt with choices to choose from the different cryptocurrency swap providers, it can also be daunting for someone to compare the different platforms and wallets to make a swap. 

Well, good news, to simplify this process for you, Easy Crypto offers a competitive crypto swap feature. And did we mention that any swaps through EC are automatically added to your portfolio tracker? 

More on crypto wallets: Read our complete guide on crypto wallets in 2021!

Crypto swap with Easy Crypto

Here at Easy Crypto, we make it quick and simple to swap between your digital crypto assets.

When you swap in Easy Crypto you also get added benefits such as better exchange rates and automatically updated sell limits.

Additionally, swapping your crypto with us also means your portfolio tracker stays correct, giving you an updated overview of your digital assets across different coins and tokens.

How to crypto swap in Easy Crypto

Time needed: 5 minutes.

You can follow these steps below to use the Crypto Swap feature from Easy Crypto:

  1. Log into your account

    To swap between the cryptocurrencies, you will first need to log into your Easy Crypto account.

  2. Find the “Swap” option

    When you hover over the “Buy & Sell” tab, you’ll notice a “Swap” option in the drop down menu. Click onto that and you will be redirected.

    Crypto Swap Feature from Easy Crypto - Step 1

  3. Enter the amount of crypto assets that you want to swap

    You’re able to look up the different crypto-pair swap options. Once you’ve entered the amount of crypto asset you are wanting to swap, a quote is generated.

    Crypto Swap Feature from Easy Crypto - Step 2

    Please note that this is an approximate and the swap rate is subject to changes, depending on what the quoted cryptocurrency gets deposited into the provided exchange wallet.

  4. Complete the delivery details

    Once you’re happy with the swap quote, you can select the crypto wallet which you would like for your newly swapped crypto asset to be deposited into.

    Crypto Swap Feature from Easy Crypto - Step 3

    You may also select the address from your address book. If you are keying in a new wallet address, please ensure that you’ve copied and pasted it, and double checked the wallet manually.

    Once you’ve confirmed your wallet address, you can proceed by clicking on the “Create Swap” button.

  5. Receive the payment instructions

    Payment instructions will be generated.

    Crypto Swap Feature from Easy Crypto - Step 4

    On this instruction, you are provided with a designated wallet address which you are to deposit the crypto asset you’re wanting to swap. As soon as our automated system picks up your swap deposit, your crypto swap request will be actioned and the newly swapped cryptocurrency will be deposited into your choice of wallet.

At Easy Crypto, we promise to do the hard work for you when it comes to all things related to cryptocurrencies. With the Easy Crypto Swap feature, you won’t need to worry about navigating yourself through exchanges, logging in and out, just to make a swap.

We currently have over 100 crypto swap pairs available with highly competitive rates – with more to add in the future!

Next time when you’re wanting to rebalance your cryptocurrency portfolio and are looking to swap between crypto assets, give the Easy Crypto Swap feature a try!

Try our crypto swap feature! Click here to get started.

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Disclaimer: Information is current as at the date of publication. This is general information only and is not intended to be advice. Crypto is volatile, carries risk and the value can go up and down. Past performance is not an indicator of future returns. Please do your own research.

Last updated October 20, 2022

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