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Crack the Code, Win Crypto Prizes!

Congrats, you uncovered the secret link! Here is your next clue...

Posted September 1, 2023


You did excellent work recovering the secret link from the Bitcoin blockchain’s OP_RETURN output field!

If you’re not aware yet, the OP_RETURN output enables a sender to write any type of data they want to include with the transaction. The data allowance for OP_RETURN is 40 to 80 bytes, so you could fit in at most 80 characters, assuming that 1 byte could encode for 1 character using UTF-8 character encoding.

But this is enough space to attach some kind of reference to a document, or an entire web page by attaching its URL.

Win crypto prizes

At the end of the trail, there’ll be a chance for you to enter a draw to win crypto prizes.

  • $500 NZD of crypto will be rewarded to the first lucky draw
  • $200 NZD of crypto will be rewarded to the second lucky draw
  • $100 NZD of crypto will go to the third lucky draw
  • The other 10 winners will win $20 NZD of crypto.

Competition closes 8 pm on Wednesday 20 September, and winners will be notified by email. Prizes will be credited to your Easy Crypto account.

Your next challenge

Your next clue is locked behind a password-protected page. Only those with the creativity and determination of a hacker could crack the password. Thus, you must think exactly like one. Here is what you know:

  • The password is 6 characters long.
  • The password contains numbers only (0-9)
  • This string of numbers is assigned to the Bitcoin transaction that led you here.

What is the six-digit long password?

Ready to hack into our page? Click here

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Easy Crypto Code Competition closes in:

See our terms & conditions for participating in Easy Crypto’s Cracking The Code competition.

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Last updated September 13, 2023

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