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SecuX Hardware Wallets are coming to Easy Crypto Shop

A new generation of hardware wallets is coming to Easy Crypto Shop. Learn more about what SecuX has to offer in this latest news.

Posted November 23, 2021

The SecuX V20 on display
The SecuX V20 on display

A new generation of hardware wallets is coming to Easy Crypto Shop. From the alluring Hsinchu City, Taiwan’s Silicon Valley, comes three exemplary products made by SecuX Technology, Inc. 

We’re incredibly hyped about these new arrivals, because we think these products offer what many crypto-loving people deserve — high security crypto wallets with an easy-to-use interface at a reasonable entry price.

Learn more about what SecuX has to offer in this latest news.

The SecuX W10

Humble beginners may look for a starter device that is highly intuitive to use yet incredibly secure. The W10 model offers the best value for your dollars, featuring a 2.8-inch colour touchscreen. With an elegant UX-friendly interface, you can swiftly and easily select buttons like you would on a smartphone. 

For starters, the W10 can be connected to your daily devices using a micro-B USB. Once connected, you can open the SecuX wallet app that is compatible on Windows, iOS, and Android. Create up to 500 crypto accounts if you really want to focus on making your transactions as private as possible. 

All SecuX devices are delivered to use with a tamper-proof seal. In an unlikely event that there is as much as a small tear, you will see a very apparent proof that the device should not be accepted and returned. 

SecuX W10 or W20
SecuX: Secured by encryption, designed for people. Source: SecuX

Under the hood, you can expect only the best components. Embedded inside is the Infineon Secure Element chip, and auto-generating algorithms for creating your private key and recovery words. The private key uses the industry-standard BIP-32, BIP-39, and BIP-44 recovery words. The wallet can generate 12, 18, 24 and even 25 recovery word sets for additional security.

An extra layer of security comes from the ingeniously designed interface. The touch screen enables a dynamic keypad and PIN input buttons. This protects your device from being compromised by fingerprint tracing. The wallet also resets itself if there are more than 5 unsuccessful attempts. When this happens, you will need your recovery keys.

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The SecuX W20 — an upgrade from the W10

When offering upgrades, SecuX doesn’t leave out the security and user experience fundamentals to the highest bidder. For example, all SecuX products have the Infineon chip baked in. The 2.8-inch color touchscreen is also not an exception.

With an upgrade from W10 comes W20 with wireless Bluetooth connectivity. With a little more investment on your part, you can gain extra security by giving the W20 the air gap barrier to your device and the Internet.

An added bonus for Bluetooth connectivity is that you can make transactions on-the-go without carrying power cords as it comes with a rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery (600mAh). Industry testing shows that you can turn the W20 on for 7 hours.

The SecuX V20 — the flagship wallet

The SecuX V20 has a distinct shape, even when compared with similar products across brands. While other brands try to be as small as possible, the V20 doesn’t shy away from becoming a palm-sized device that you’ll rarely have trouble finding on your home office desk. 

The polygonal circular shape with a square display is reminiscent of the ancient Chinese coins; it’s a status symbol of wealth and prosperity. Indeed, it comes with an extra perk that the W20 doesn’t have.

It is equipped with a micro-C USB port which ensures that the V20 is compatible on some of the latest gadgets, like the iPhone 13 and ultra-nimble Dell XPS 15. It’s a forward-looking hardware wallet that keeps up with technological revolutions, including cryptocurrencies as a whole.

The V20 can easily support over 1000 different crypto assets. With this hardware wallet, you hold true financial freedom, literally at the palm of your hand.

SecuX V20 hardware wallet
SecuX V20: The flagship crypto wallet. Source: SecuX

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Last updated October 18, 2022

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