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The Next Wave of Crypto Users in New Zealand

Nearly half of New Zealanders consider crypto as a viable alternative to financial freedom. Learn about the growing appeal for crypto in New Zealand and download the report for more insights.


Posted June 10, 2024

NZ Market Research Report 2024 news blog cover
NZ Market Research Report 2024 news blog cover

New research by Protocol Theory, in partnership with Easy Crypto, reveals a significant shift in how New Zealanders view financial investment, with nearly half of Kiwis now seeing cryptocurrency as a viable alternative to traditional home ownership for building financial freedom.

The Appeal for Crypto

The study, which profiles the next wave of crypto adopters, places New Zealanders in the ‘early adopter’ category of crypto uptake.

It shows that almost 50% of New Zealanders are either current crypto investors or are considering investing in the future. 

This shift is driven by a growing discontent with traditional financial systems, with 1 in 3 investors considering crypto due to its potential to reduce the profits of banks and large corporations.

Highlights from the study:

  • Accessibility and Cross-Generational Appeal of Crypto: Crypto’s appeal spans generations, from younger individuals struggling to achieve the ‘quarter acre dream’ of home ownership to older generations seeking to bolster their retirement savings. 
  • Barriers to Investment: Despite high interest, many potential investors find the process of investing in crypto confusing. 
  • Need for Education and Regulation: Janine Grainger, Co-Founder and CEO of Easy Crypto, emphasises the need for better education and trust within the crypto industry. There is clear intent to invest, but for this to translate into action
  • Local Preferences and Innovations: One in five New Zealanders prefer investing through a local exchange.

The Next Wave of Crypto Users

As New Zealanders increasingly look to crypto as a means to achieve financial freedom, the focus is shifting from merely highlighting crypto’s potential to ensuring that investments are easy to understand and secure.

With growing interest and adoption, the crypto industry must continue to evolve to meet the needs of its expanding user base.

Download the Full Report

Keen to learn more? Dive deeper into the insights from the survey and download the full-length report.

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As with any investment endeavour, the more knowledge you know the better you’ll be able to make more informed decisions about your investments and your financial future.

For those interested in reading the full-length report and key findings, feel free to download the full report by visiting this page or clicking the link below.

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Last updated June 11, 2024

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