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Home Hub News XRP News – Easy Crypto’s July XRP Latest News Roundup

XRP News – Easy Crypto’s July XRP Latest News Roundup

XRP News – Latest XRP News From NZ and Beyond Is the XRP price about to retest highs achieved in 2017? — Possibly. Recent XRP.

Posted July 12, 2019


XRP News – Latest XRP News From NZ and Beyond

Is the XRP price about to retest highs achieved in 2017? — Possibly. Recent XRP news is looking overwhelmingly positive for Ripple bag holders. Here, we’ll recap all the most recent developments in the world of Ripple, NZ XRP investors need to know about in July 2019.

Christine Lagarde with XRP and bank logo next to her

XRP News – Christine Lagarde to Takeover the ECB

The European Union is currently in the process of retiring European Central Bank head, Mario Draghi. This is cause for some celebration among XRP fans. Largely, this is thanks to the fact that the ECB’s new head is none other than the avowedly Ripple-friendly Christine Lagarde.

In January this year, Christine Lagarde went on record as saying that Ripple is “active and helpful,” in helping banks evolve to meet the demands of the blockchain era. However, there are several other reasons why Christine Lagarde promises to be good for XRP as the new head of the ECB.

  • Christine Lagarde is the former head of the IMF. In this position, Lagarde has repeatedly mentioned Ripple at key events like the IMF’s 75th birthday celebrations.
  • The IMF is on record referring to Ripple as a “supranational currency.” This implies that XRP is an IMF candidate for a digital world reserve currency which might one day supersede the USD.
  • Christine Lagarde is on record as calling for a crackdown on Bitcoin by “fighting fire with fire.”

Some believe that the “fire” Christine Lagarde intends to fight Bitcoin with is blockchain technology itself. If this is the case, Ripple is the logical cryptocurrency to consider using, thanks to Ripple being fully regulatory compliant.

suited man in NZ with breifcase looking into Ripple xrp puddle

Ripple Invests Over $500 Million in Wider XRP Adoption

Is XRP adoption about to skyrocket? — Possibly. Like other cryptocurrencies, real-world adoption of XRP as a payment coin is somewhat lacklustre. However, in 2018, Ripple was successful in launching a new project called Xpring.

Xpring is designed to promote widespread adoption of XRP. Moreover, to date, the project is proving wildly successful.

  • $500 million is currently being used to build out Ripple payment ecosystems and encourage more companies to start using XRP.
  • Xpring is in the process of bringing XRP micropayments to Imgur, the 35th largest website in the United States.
  • 20 mainstream financial institutions are already using Ripples’ new Xrapid payment system, as a result of Xpring.
3 people point to the Ripple XRP coins with red world background

XRP Pioneers Banking Without Banks

In more exciting XRP news, Xpring and Ripple have recently announced the pending launch of a new app called Xumm.

With Xumm, it is possible (or at least, it will be possible) to store XRP coins and fiat cash simultaneously in the same wallet application. As XRP Lead Developer, Wietse Wind says:

“We’re going to help users get started with a really secure, user-friendly set-up guide in-app. And there’s no way you can, pardon my French, fuck this up. There’s no way. We’re gonna make it really easy.”

In short, Ripple is creating a wallet application which is designed to encourage real-world retail use of XRP. Contrary to some contradictory reports though, Xumm is yet to announce an official release date for the Ripple Xumm wallet app.

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Disclaimer: Information is current as at the date of publication. This is general information only and is not intended to be advice. Crypto is volatile, carries risk and the value can go up and down. Past performance is not an indicator of future returns. Please do your own research.

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